The local ATV relay is in maintenance mode and I have time for tinkering. Ideal conditions to take another attempt for DATV in DVB-T. On the Ham Radio 2017 I bought the HiDes HV-120-DCA after a successful test at the exhibition stand. The further attempts at home in the Shack were not (more) crowned by success. DVB-S and S2 ran great - switch on and go.

But DVB-T proved to be a real challenge. Today I simply downloaded the latest firmware and updated the HiDes RX. Then I read the manual again.

And see there: The new firmware has brought then also the setting Country: ATV-2/3/4M.

Then the transmitter configured

DATV-Express settings - screenshot

Click on the PTT Button and run a scan:

Screenshot HiDes DVB-T Rx

And it's on:

Screenshot of HiDes Rx with On screen display

Next task is a preamp, because of the high bandwith the receiver is not very sensitiv.

It's finished, since January the preamp is ready to run:

DVB-T RX with preamp and HB9CV Antenna